Podiatry Marketing Workshop - ’Success Leaves Clues’

Thursday 25th June 2020

9 am - 12 pm  Rotorua Events Centre

This Podiatry Marketing Workshop has been developed to help fast-track the marketing skills you need so you can move from a Frustrated Clinician to a Happy Health Professional. Once you're happy, only then can you move to the final stage of developing a Thriving Podiatry Business.


All good marketing begins with understanding who your ideal patient is and then learning how to communicate with them effectively by speaking ’their’ language.


It’s true that success leaves clues and over the past 30-years I have closely studied many successful businesses and what makes one podiatry business thrive while another sits still. In my book, It’s No Secret There’s Money in Podiatry I discussed WHY the 6 Pillars of Marketing are the cornerstone of all successful marketing plans.   


 In this workshop we will cover:

  • Finding & Developing Your Ideal Patient 

  • The power of vertical and horizontal niching 

  • Developing Headlines That Work & Attract Patients

  • Using Unique Photos To Grab Attention (FREE)

  • How to correctly use the 6 Pillars of Marketing 

  • How to Write Blog Articles With Less Effort

  • Building & Clarifying Your Brand

  • Using Audio to Become A Marketing Leader

  • Repurposing and No Cost Marketing Ideas

  • Getting On Your Referrers Radar

  • & MORE 

This workshop relates to conducting an audit of an aspect of your practice and will provide 3 hours of Professional Communication CPD for the Podiatrists Registration Board .  


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