PodiatryNZ Formthotics Awards

The inaugural PodiatryNZ Formthotics Awards will recognise and celebrate members who demonstrate leadership, collegiality and performance in the podiatry profession. 


An Awards programme is long overdue for our members and we thank and congratulate Formthotics for their generous support.  


We invite you to recognise your colleagues who deserve recognition for their work in shaping our profession.

Rising Star Award

This award recognises the achievement of an emerging talent in podiatry. A podiatrist who will represent the next generation of leaders. An emerging talent who will have graduated after 2015.

Leadership Award

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in clinical professional practice. Someone that develops and encourages colleagues to deliver best practice patient outcomes.

Collegiality Award

This award is presented to a member who nurtures the spirit of camaraderie and cooperation within their professional interactions.

PodiatryNZ reserves the right to alter and vary the program to accommodate changes to speakers and venue requirements.